• agarwala

    Rina Agarwala

    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Princeton University, Princeton)

    410.516.5169 agarwala@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 527

    Research Interests: International Development, Gender, Labor, Migration, Globalization, India

  • EMA1_NOR

    Emily M. Agree

    Research Professor
    Ph.D. (Duke University)

    410-516-5832 emily.agree@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 558

    Research Interests: Gerontology, Demography, Sociology of Health and Illness

  • alexander

    Karl L. Alexander

    John Dewey Professor Emeritus Sociology; Academy Professor in The Academy at JHU/KSAS
    Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

    410.516.6178 karl@jhu.edu Greenhouse 106

    Research Interests: Sociology of education, social stratification

  • andreas

    Joel Andreas

    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles)

    410.516.7325 jandreas@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 554

    Research Interests: Political contention, social inequality, and social change in contemporary China

  • Burdick-Will - photo

    Julia Burdick-Will

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (University of Chicago)

    410.516.7633 jburdickwill@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 437

    Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Education, Stratification

  • Ryan Calder photo

    Ryan M. Calder

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)

    410.516.6678 rcalder@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 435

    Research Interests: Contemporary Muslim societies, sociology of markets, financialization, Islamic law and jurisprudence, comparative-historical research

  • Cherlin

    Andrew J. Cherlin

    Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor of Public Policy
    Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles)

    410.516.2370 cherlin@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 556

    Research Interests: Sociology of the family, demography, social policy.

  • DeLuca_Color Cut

    Stefanie A. Deluca

    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Northwestern University)

    410.516.7629 sdeluca@jhu.edu PIRL/Abel-Wolman

    Research Interests: Sociology of education, sociology of neighborhoods, life course studies

  • Edin Pic

    Kathryn Edin

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
    Ph.D. (Northwestern University)

    410.516.6261 kathy_edin@jhu.edu PIRL/Abel-Wolman

    Research Interests: Poverty, inequality, social policy

  • website picture

    Meredith Greif

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University)

    410.516.4942 mgreif1@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 530

    Research Interests: Race, urban sociology, and health in developing countries

  • Hao

    Lingxin Hao

    Ph.D. (University of Chicago)

    410.516.4022 hao@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 509

    Research Interests: Sociology of the family, public policy, immigration, social inequality, sociology of education, quantitative methods.

  • hung

    Ho-Fung Hung

    Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Associate Professor in Political Economy
    Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

    410.516.7051 hofung@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 523

    Research Interests: Global political economy, contentious politics, nationalism, and social theory

  • kohn

    Melvin L. Kohn

    Professor Emeritus Sociology; Academy Professor in The Academy at JHU/KSAS
    Ph.D. (Cornell University)

    410.516.7623 mel@jhu.edu Greenhouse 105

    Research Interests: Social structure and personality, cross-national comparative analysis, social class and stratification, sociology and social psychology of work

  • Huei-Ying Kuo

    Huei-Ying Kuo

    Senior Lecturer and Assistant Research Scientist
    Ph.D. (SUNY-Binghamton)

    410-516-6493 hkuo@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 262

    Research Interests: Historical sociology, overseas Chinese, nationalism, colonialism, business networks, China-Southeast Asian connections

  • Mike Levien photo

    Michael Levien

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley)

    410.516.7637 levien@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 433

    Research Interests: Development sociology, agrarian political economy, political sociology, social theory, ethnography, India

  • Katrina McDonald_photo for website_3-2016

    Katrina Bell McDonald

    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (University of California, Davis)

    410.516.7624 mcdon@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 540

    Research Interests: Sociology of the family, gender/ethnic identity, race and social class

  • _JHU7474 (smaller size) cropped

    Stephen L. Morgan

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
    Ph.D. (Harvard University)

    410.516.5623 stephen.morgan@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 529

    Research Interests: Education, inequality, demography, and methodology

  • nelson2

    Timothy Nelson

    Sr Lecturer; Senior Scientist-Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Ph.D. (University of Chicago)

    410.516.5608 tnelso23@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 521

    Research Interests: Poverty and Inequality, Fatherhood, Culture, Qualitative Methods, Religion

  • silver

    Beverly J. Silver

    Professor and Department Chair
    Ph.D. (SUNY, Binghamton)

    410.516.7635 silver@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 513

    Research Interests: historical capitalism, comparative and world-historical research methods, global inequality and development, labor and social movements

  • Sydney Van Morgan

    Sydney Van Morgan

    Sr Lecturer; Director of International Studies
    Ph.D. (Cornell University)

    410.516.5607 smorga37@jhu.edu Mergenthaler 264

    Research Interests: Political sociology, Nationalism, European politics, Social movements

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