Beverly J. Silver

Beverly J. Silver


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Research Interests: Historical capitalism, comparative and world-historical research methods, global inequality and development, labor and social movements

Education: PhD, SUNY, Binghamton

I am a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Arrighi Center for Global Studies. My research focuses on problems of development, labor, social conflict, and war, using comparative and world-historical methods of analysis. By recasting these issues in a broad geographical and long-term historical framework, my work teases out patterns of recurrence, evolution and “true novelty” in contemporary processes of globalization.

Beverly Silver is the author of award winning books including Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System (with Giovanni Arrighi et al) and Forces of Labor: Workers’ Movements and Globalization since 1870Forces of Labor has been translated and published in eleven languages, including Spanish (AKAL), German (Assoziation A), Korean (Greenbee) , Portuguese (Boitempo), Italian (Bruno Mondadori), Turkish (Yordam Kitap), Polish (Le Monde Diplomatique, Warsaw), Farsi (Alfabetamax), Czech (Grimmus) and Chinese (Social Science Academic Press, Beijing), and won numerous awards including the 2005 Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award of the American Sociological Association.

She teaches courses on social theory, macro-comparative methods, development, labor, and the political economy of global capitalism, and coordinates the Sociology Department's Program in Global Social Change and Development.

  • 230.325 Global Social Change & Development Practicum
  • 230.337 Global Crises: Past and Present
  • 230.602 Social Theory: Theories of Society
  • 230.607 Labor in the World System
  • 230.635  PGSC Seminar  
  • 230.650 Macro-comparative Research Methods

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