Graduate Students

  • Lucas Sorzano Azambuja

    Lucas Sorzano Azambuja

    MA, Stony Brook University

    Research Interests:  Political sociology, social theory, elites and capitalist classes, and contemporary Brazil

  • Marin Beal

    Marin Beal

    BA, Rice University

    Research Interests:  Public policy

  • Joseph Boselovic

    Joseph Boselovic

    MA, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests:  Schooling, Neighborhoods, Family Life, Qualitative Methods.

  • Rachel Butler

    Rachel Butler

    MA, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests:  Race, social inequality, criminal justice system contact, family life

  • Jochebed Cadet

    Jochebed Cadet

    BA, University of Maryland College Park

    Research Interests:  Social Inequality; Higher Education; Race; Family Life

  • JaQuon Epps

    JaQuon Epps

    MA, George Washington University

    Research Interests:  Medical, urban, racial studies, spatial demography

  • Aabid Firdausi

    Aabid Firdausi

    MPhil, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

    Research Interests:  Sociology of development, globalization, labor movements, climate politics, and social theory

  • Jacqueline Groccia

    Jacqueline Groccia

    BA & MA, George Washington University

    Research Interests:  Housing Insecurity, Housing Policy, Incarceration.

  • Maria Jose Haro Sly

    Maria Jose Haro Sly

    LLM, Renmin University of China

    Research Interests:  China, Latin America, world systems, political economy

  • Gorana Ilic

    Gorana Ilic

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests:  Urban sociology, social theory

  • Conrad Jacober

    Conrad Jacober

    BA, Kenyon College

    Research Interests:  Financialization, Neoliberalism, Political Economy, Social Theory, Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, History of Capitalism, Banking Crises, Money, Credit, & Debt

  • Manaswini Karthik

    Manaswini Karthik

    MA, SOAS University of London

    Research Interests:  Dispossession, labour, agrarian change, capital accumulation

  • Holly Koogler

    Holly Koogler

    MA, Stanford University

    Research Interests:  Immigrant students and their role in achievement as defined by school completion and standardized test scores

  • Jiwon Lee

    Jiwon Lee

    MA, Hanyang University

    Research Interests:  Social stratification, social demography, sociology of education, and race/ethnicity/immigration

  • Guowei Liang

    Guowei Liang

    MA, Sun Yat-Sen University

    Research Interests:  Development, migration and labor market in China, comparative-historical sociology, global capitalism

  • Jingting Liang

    Jingting Liang

    MPhil, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Research Interests:  Post-1949 Chinese labor politics

  • Sebastian Link Chaparro

    Sebastian Link Chaparro

    BA & MA, Universidad de Chile

    Research Interests:  Chile, theory, markets, neoliberalism, labor movements

  • Tiantian Liu

    Tiantian Liu

    BA, University of Michigan

    Research Interests:  Local political institutions, rural economy and market

  • Mingtang Liu

    Mingtang Liu

    MA, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Research Interests:  Political Economy, International Development, Political Sociology

  • Yuanhao (Colin) Liu

    Yuanhao (Colin) Liu

    MS, Northwestern University

    Research Interests:  Political sociology, cultural sociology, public opinion & computational social science

  • Ahmed Mori

    Ahmed Mori

    JD, Columbia Law School

    Research Interests:  Economic and governance systems

  • Larissa Morikawa

    Larissa Morikawa

    MS, Northeastern University

    Research Interests:  Relationships within minority immigrant communities in Japan

  • Jasmine Cha Sausedo

    Jasmine Cha Sausedo

    BA, Texas A&M University

    Research Interests:  Education, social inequality, life course theory, military

  • Sonal Sharma

    Sonal Sharma

    MA, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi

    Research Interests:  Sociology of race/caste, gender and labor, labor movements, civil society, capitalism, comparative-historical sociology, ethnography

  • Amol Singh

    Amol Singh

    MA, University of Hyderabaad

    Research Interests:  Agrarian Marxism, Transition to Post-capitalism, religious fundamentalism

  • Durgesh Solanki

    Durgesh Solanki

    MA, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

    Research Interests:  Development, inequality, stratification, informal labor, social movements

  • Nima Tootkaboni

    Nima Tootkaboni

    BA, Hunter College

    Research Interests:  Economic Inequality, Class Theory, Economic Stratification, Quantitative and Computational Methodology, Social Movements

  • Yifeng Wan

    Yifeng Wan

    BA, Zhejiang University

    Research Interests:  Sociology of the family, demography, law and society, computational social science

  • Alexandra (Alexi) Williams

    Alexandra (Alexi) Williams

    MPP, University of Michigan

    Research Interests:  Schools, neighborhoods, education and social policy, social inequality

  • Xingyun Wu

    Xingyun Wu

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests:  Social inequality in time use, work and family, gender, network analysis, computational social sciences

  • Linxuan Yang

    Linxuan Yang

    BA, University College London

    Research Interests:  Social inequality, education, health economic sociology, demography & quantitative methods