Graduate Students

  • Samantha Agarwal

    BA, The Ohio State University

    Research Interests: Agrarian political economy, labor movements, historical capitalism, India

  • Rishi Awatramani

    BA, Vassar College

    Research Interests: Global political economy, labor and social movements in the U.S. and India, historic and contemporary capitalism, national liberation

  • Joseph Boselovic

    MA, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests: Schooling, inequality, mobility

  • Rachel Butler

    MA, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests: Social dynamics and networks in low-income communities

  • Jochebed Cadet

    BA, University of Maryland College Park

    Research Interests: Social inequality, social policy, education, urban sociology

  • Alvin Camba

    MA, Binghamton University

    Research Interests: Global political economy, environmental history, political sociology, capitalism and global China in Southeast Asia

  • Elayne Cardoso de Morais

    BA, University of Campinas

    Research Interests: Brazil, political instability & mass media, neoliberalism & inequality, and democracy & development

  • Valentina Dallona

    MA, University College London

    Research Interests: Austerity and the rise of the far right, historic and contemporary capitalism, labor and social movements

  • Yige Dong

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Socialist experiences, international development, welfare institutions and gender

  • Stephanie D’Souza

    BA, University of Maryland, College Park

    Research Interests: Inequality in the education system and labor market, transition to adulthood low income youth in the U.S.

  • Zhicao Fang

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Political and comparative-historical sociology, global political economy, state-society relations in China

  • Robert Francis

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Poverty, social policy, rural communities, religion, nonprofit organizations

  • Conrad Jacober

    BA, Kenyon College

    Research Interests: Financialization, inequality, injustice, and exploitation

  • Ricado Jacobs

    BA, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

    Research Interests: World historical capitalism, labor studies, social movements

  • Christine Jang

    MA, Columbia University

    Research Interests: Urban sociology, education, housing, racial and ethnic inequality

  • Minhyoung Kang

    MA, Seoul National University

    Research Interests: Globalization, inequality, labor movements

  • Manaswini Karthik

    MA, SOAS University of London

    Research Interests: Dispossession, labour, agrarian change, capital accumulation

  • Holly Koogler

    MA, Stanford University

    Research Interests: Immigrant students and their role in achievement as defined by school completion and standardized test scores

  • Jiwon Lee

    MA, Hanyang University

    Research Interests: Social stratification, social demography, sociology of education, and race/ethnicity/immigration

  • Guowei Liang

    MA, Sun Yat-Sen University

    Research Interests: Labor movement in China

  • Sebastian Link Chaparro

    BA & MA, Universidad de Chile

    Research Interests: Chile, theory, markets, neoliberalism, labor movements

  • Tiantian Liu

    BA, University of Michigan

    Research Interests: Local political institutions, rural economy and market

  • Mingtang Liu

    MA, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Research Interests: China, social forces, world systems

  • Anne-Marie Livingstone

    MA, McGill University, Montreal

    Research Interests: Race, inequality, poverty, social policy and the state

  • Shirley Lung

    MA, Georgetown University

    Research Interests: Race, ethnicity, immigration, education, social stratification

  • Rhiannon Miller

    MA, Columbia University

    Research Interests: Class mobility and social stratification

  • Charlie Mitchell

    BA., Trinity University

    Research Interests: Education, racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps, political and social justice

  • Kiara Nerenberg

    BA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Education, family, neighborhoods

  • Corey Payne

    BA, Johns Hopkins University

    Research Interests: economic development, political economy, social unrest, labor struggles, global governance, historical capitalism

  • Sonal Sharma

    MA, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi

    Research Interests: Sociological theory, research methods and labor

  • Durgesh Solanki

    MA, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

    Research Interests:  Development, inequality, stratification, informal labor, social movements

  • Elizabeth Talbert

    MPP, University of Michigan

    Research Interests: Gender, social inequality, education

  • Daniel Thompson

    BA, Purdue University

    Research Interests: Comparative political economy, inequality, labor markets, panel data analysis, comparative-historical methods

  • Smriti Upadhyay

    MA, University of Warwick, UK

    Research Interests: Labor and social movements, development, India

  • Yifeng Wan

    BA, Zhejiang University

    Research Interests: Sociological theory, research methods, stratification and mobility, social inequality, demographic processes and social networks

  • Xingyun Wu

    MA, University of Chicago

    Research Interests: Education, migration, demography, methodology, comparative studies

  • Allison Young

    BA, University of Chicago


    Research Interests: Social inequality, poverty, family, education, housing

  • Xiao Yu

    MA, Pennsylvania State University

    Research Interests: Sociology of education, internal and international migration, gender, social inequality, quantitative methods