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Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.230.600 (01)Introduction to Social StatisticsM 10:30AM - 11:30AM, Th 10:00AM - 12:30PMBader, MichaelMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.602 (01)Theories of SocietyM 1:30PM - 4:00PMAndreas, JoelMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.608 (01)Proseminar In SociologyM 12:00PM - 1:00PMPerrin, Andrew JonathanMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.621 (01)Seminar on Metropolitan InequalityW 9:30AM - 12:00PMBader, MichaelMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.654 (01)Fieldwork: Interviewing, Ethnography, Participant ObservationW 5:00PM - 7:30PMCalder, RyanMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.675 (01)Arrighi Center General SeminarF 1:30PM - 3:30PMSilver, BEVERLY JudithMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.685 (01)TRP Seminar IT 1:30PM - 4:00PMHao, LingxinMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.690 (01)TRP Seminar IIT 1:30PM - 4:00PMHao, LingxinMergenthaler 526Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (01)Independent StudyMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (02)Independent StudyHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (03)Independent StudyPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (04)Independent StudyHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (05)Independent StudyLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (06)Independent StudyBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (07)Independent StudyGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (08)Independent StudyAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (09)Independent StudyThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (10)Independent StudyDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (11)Independent StudySilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (12)Independent StudyAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (15)Independent StudyBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (16)Independent StudyCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.800 (19)Independent StudyWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (01)Research AssistantshipMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (02)Research AssistantshipHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (03)Research AssistantshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (04)Research AssistantshipHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (05)Research AssistantshipLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (06)Research AssistantshipBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (07)Research AssistantshipGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (08)Research AssistantshipAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (09)Research AssistantshipThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (10)Research AssistantshipDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (11)Research AssistantshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (12)Research AssistantshipAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (15)Research AssistantshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (16)Research AssistantshipCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.801 (19)Research AssistantshipWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (01)Dissertation ResearchMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (02)Dissertation ResearchHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (03)Dissertation ResearchPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (04)Dissertation ResearchHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (05)Dissertation ResearchLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (06)Dissertation ResearchBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (07)Dissertation ResearchGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (08)Dissertation ResearchAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (09)Dissertation ResearchThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (10)Dissertation ResearchDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (11)Dissertation ResearchSilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (12)Dissertation ResearchAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (15)Dissertation ResearchBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (16)Dissertation ResearchCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.802 (19)Dissertation ResearchWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (01)Research ApprenticeshipMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (02)Research ApprenticeshipHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (03)Research ApprenticeshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (04)Research ApprenticeshipHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (05)Research ApprenticeshipLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (06)Research ApprenticeshipBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (07)Research ApprenticeshipGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (08)Research ApprenticeshipAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (09)Research ApprenticeshipThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (10)Research ApprenticeshipDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (11)Research ApprenticeshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (12)Research ApprenticeshipAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (14)Research ApprenticeshipChen, Feinian Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (15)Research ApprenticeshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (16)Research ApprenticeshipCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.804 (19)Research ApprenticeshipWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (01)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (02)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (03)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (04)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (05)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (06)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (07)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (08)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (09)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (10)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (11)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterSilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (12)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (15)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.810 (16)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (01)Teaching AssistantshipMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (02)Teaching AssistantshipHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (03)Teaching AssistantshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (04)Teaching AssistantshipHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (05)Teaching AssistantshipLevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (06)Teaching AssistantshipBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (07)Teaching AssistantshipGreif, Meredith Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (08)Teaching AssistantshipAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (09)Teaching AssistantshipThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (10)Teaching AssistantshipDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (11)Teaching AssistantshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (12)Teaching AssistantshipAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (13)Teaching AssistantshipAgree, Emily Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (15)Teaching AssistantshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (16)Teaching AssistantshipCalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (18)Teaching AssistantshipKuo, Huei-Ying Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (19)Teaching AssistantshipWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (20)Teaching AssistantshipReese, Mike J Fall 2023
AS.230.811 (21)Teaching AssistantshipSchrader, Stuart Laurence Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (01)Trial Research Paper IMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (02)Trial Research Paper IHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (03)Trial Research Paper IPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (04)Trial Research Paper IHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (05)Trial Research Paper ILevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (06)Trial Research Paper IBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (08)Trial Research Paper IAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (09)Trial Research Paper IThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (10)Trial Research Paper IDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (11)Trial Research Paper ISilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (12)Trial Research Paper IAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (15)Trial Research Paper IBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (16)Trial Research Paper ICalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.815 (19)Trial Research Paper IWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (01)Trial Research Paper IIMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (02)Trial Research Paper IIHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (03)Trial Research Paper IIPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (04)Trial Research Paper IIHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (05)Trial Research Paper IILevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (06)Trial Research Paper IIBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (08)Trial Research Paper IIAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (09)Trial Research Paper IIThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (10)Trial Research Paper IIDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (11)Trial Research Paper IISilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (12)Trial Research Paper IIAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (15)Trial Research Paper IIBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (16)Trial Research Paper IICalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.816 (19)Trial Research Paper IIWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (01)Trial Research Paper IIIMorgan, Stephen L Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (02)Trial Research Paper IIIHung, Ho-fung Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (03)Trial Research Paper IIIPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (04)Trial Research Paper IIIHao, Lingxin Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (05)Trial Research Paper IIILevien, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (06)Trial Research Paper IIIBader, Michael Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (08)Trial Research Paper IIIAndreas, Joel Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (09)Trial Research Paper IIIThornton, Christy Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (10)Trial Research Paper IIIDeluca, Stefanie Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (11)Trial Research Paper IIISilver, BEVERLY Judith Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (12)Trial Research Paper IIIAgarwala, Rina Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (15)Trial Research Paper IIIBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (16)Trial Research Paper IIICalder, Ryan Fall 2023
AS.230.817 (19)Trial Research Paper IIIWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Fall 2023
AS.230.603 (01)Contemporary Social TheoryTh 1:00PM - 3:30PMAgarwala, RinaMergenthaler 526Spring 2024
AS.230.604 (01)Linear Models for the Social SciencesT 1:30PM - 4:00PM, W 11:00AM - 12:00PMBurdick-Will, Julia BurdickMergenthaler 526Spring 2024
AS.230.605 (01)Categorical Data AnalysisM 10:00AM - 12:30PM, T 11:00AM - 12:00PMHao, LingxinMergenthaler 526Spring 2024
AS.230.624 (01)Educational Inequality and Social ContextT 4:00PM - 6:30PMDeluca, StefanieAbel Wolman House 100Spring 2024
AS.230.664 (01)Global and Transnational SociologyTh 10:00AM - 12:30PMThornton, ChristyMergenthaler 526Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (01)Independent StudyMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (02)Independent StudyHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (03)Independent StudyPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (04)Independent StudyHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (05)Independent StudyLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (06)Independent StudyBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (07)Independent StudyGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (08)Independent StudyAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (09)Independent StudyThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (10)Independent StudyDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (11)Independent StudySilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (12)Independent StudyAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (15)Independent StudyBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (16)Independent StudyCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (18)Independent StudyKuo, Huei-Ying Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (19)Independent StudyWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.800 (21)Independent StudyStocks, Shawntay Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (01)Research AssistantshipMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (02)Research AssistantshipHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (03)Research AssistantshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (04)Research AssistantshipHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (05)Research AssistantshipLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (06)Research AssistantshipBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (07)Research AssistantshipGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (08)Research AssistantshipAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (09)Research AssistantshipThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (10)Research AssistantshipDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (11)Research AssistantshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (12)Research AssistantshipAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (15)Research AssistantshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (16)Research AssistantshipCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.801 (19)Research AssistantshipWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (01)Dissertation ResearchMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (02)Dissertation ResearchHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (03)Dissertation ResearchPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (04)Dissertation ResearchHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (05)Dissertation ResearchLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (06)Dissertation ResearchBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (07)Dissertation ResearchGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (08)Dissertation ResearchAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (09)Dissertation ResearchThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (10)Dissertation ResearchDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (11)Dissertation ResearchSilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (12)Dissertation ResearchAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (15)Dissertation ResearchBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (16)Dissertation ResearchCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (18)Dissertation ResearchStaff Spring 2024
AS.230.802 (19)Dissertation ResearchWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (01)Research ApprenticeshipMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (02)Research ApprenticeshipHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (03)Research ApprenticeshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (04)Research ApprenticeshipHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (05)Research ApprenticeshipLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (06)Research ApprenticeshipBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (07)Research ApprenticeshipGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (08)Research ApprenticeshipAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (09)Research ApprenticeshipThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (10)Research ApprenticeshipDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (11)Research ApprenticeshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (12)Research ApprenticeshipAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (14)Research ApprenticeshipChen, Feinian Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (15)Research ApprenticeshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (16)Research ApprenticeshipCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.804 (18)Research ApprenticeshipStaff Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (01)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (02)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (03)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (04)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (05)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (06)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (07)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (08)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (09)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (10)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (11)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterSilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (12)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (15)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (16)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.810 (19)Dissertation Fellowship SemesterWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (01)Teaching AssistantshipMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (02)Teaching AssistantshipHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (03)Teaching AssistantshipPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (04)Teaching AssistantshipHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (05)Teaching AssistantshipLevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (06)Teaching AssistantshipBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (07)Teaching AssistantshipGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (08)Teaching AssistantshipAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (09)Teaching AssistantshipThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (10)Teaching AssistantshipDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (11)Teaching AssistantshipSilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (12)Teaching AssistantshipAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (13)Teaching AssistantshipAgree, Emily Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (14)Teaching AssistantshipChen, Feinian Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (15)Teaching AssistantshipBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (16)Teaching AssistantshipCalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (19)Teaching AssistantshipWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (20)Teaching AssistantshipEdwards, Zophia Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (21)Teaching AssistantshipStocks, Shawntay Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (01)Trial Research Paper IMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (02)Trial Research Paper IHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (03)Trial Research Paper IPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (04)Trial Research Paper IHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (05)Trial Research Paper ILevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (06)Trial Research Paper IBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (07)Trial Research Paper IGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (08)Trial Research Paper IAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (09)Trial Research Paper IThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (10)Trial Research Paper IDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (11)Trial Research Paper ISilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (12)Trial Research Paper IAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (15)Trial Research Paper IBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (16)Trial Research Paper ICalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.815 (19)Trial Research Paper IWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (01)Trial Research Paper IIMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (02)Trial Research Paper IIHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (03)Trial Research Paper IIPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (04)Trial Research Paper IIHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (05)Trial Research Paper IILevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (06)Trial Research Paper IIBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (07)Trial Research Paper IIGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (08)Trial Research Paper IIAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (09)Trial Research Paper IIThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (10)Trial Research Paper IIDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (11)Trial Research Paper IISilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (12)Trial Research Paper IIAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (15)Trial Research Paper IIBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (16)Trial Research Paper IICalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.816 (18)Trial Research Paper IIStaff Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (01)Trial Research Paper IIIMorgan, Stephen L Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (02)Trial Research Paper IIIHung, Ho-fung Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (03)Trial Research Paper IIIPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (04)Trial Research Paper IIIHao, Lingxin Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (05)Trial Research Paper IIILevien, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (06)Trial Research Paper IIIBader, Michael Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (07)Trial Research Paper IIIGreif, Meredith Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (08)Trial Research Paper IIIAndreas, Joel Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (09)Trial Research Paper IIIThornton, Christy Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (10)Trial Research Paper IIIDeluca, Stefanie Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (11)Trial Research Paper IIISilver, BEVERLY Judith Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (12)Trial Research Paper IIIAgarwala, Rina Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (15)Trial Research Paper IIIBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (16)Trial Research Paper IIICalder, Ryan Spring 2024
AS.230.817 (19)Trial Research Paper IIIWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Spring 2024
AS.230.811 (01)Teaching AssistantshipReese, Mike J Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (01)Summer ResearchMorgan, Stephen L Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (02)Summer ResearchHung, Ho-fung Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (03)Summer ResearchPerrin, Andrew Jonathan Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (04)Summer ResearchHao, Lingxin Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (05)Summer ResearchLevien, Michael Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (06)Summer ResearchBader, Michael Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (07)Summer ResearchGreif, Meredith Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (08)Summer ResearchAndreas, Joel Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (09)Summer ResearchThornton, Christy Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (10)Summer ResearchDeluca, Stefanie Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (11)Summer ResearchSilver, BEVERLY Judith Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (12)Summer ResearchAgarwala, Rina Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (13)Summer ResearchAgree, Emily Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (14)Summer ResearchChen, Feinian Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (15)Summer ResearchBurdick-Will, Julia Burdick Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (16)Summer ResearchCalder, Ryan Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (18)Summer ResearchKuo, Huei-Ying Summer 2024
AS.230.825 (19)Summer ResearchWhite, Alexandre Ilani Rein Summer 2024