• faculty

  • Rina Agarwala


    PhD, Princeton University
    • Mergenthaler 527
    • Research Interests: International development, gender, labor, migration, globalization, India
  • Emily M. Agree

    Research Professor

    PhD, Duke University
    • Mergenthaler 558
    • 410-516-5832
    • Research Interests: Gerontology, demography, sociology of health and illness
  • Joel Andreas


    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Mergenthaler 554
    • Research Interests: Political contention, social inequality, and social change in contemporary China
  • Michael Bader

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of Michigan
    • Mergenthaler 540
    • Research Interests: Urban sociology, gentrification and neighborhood change, health inequality, demography
  • Julia Burdick-Will

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of Chicago
  • Ryan M. Calder

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, UC Berkeley
    • Mergenthaler 435
    • Research Interests: Contemporary Muslim societies, sociology of markets, financialization, Islamic law and jurisprudence, comparative-historical research
  • Feinian Chen

    Research Professor

    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • Mergenthaler 532
    • Research Interests: Demography, family and life course, aging, research methods and statistics, gender and inequality
  • Stefanie A. DeLuca

    James Coleman Professor of Sociology & Social Policy

    PhD, Northwestern University
    • PIRL/Abel-Wolman, 3213 N Charles St
    • 410-516-7629
    • Research Interests: Sociology of education, sociology of neighborhoods, life course studies
  • Zophia Edwards

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Boston University
    • Mergenthaler 560
    • Research Interests: Development, Global & Transnational, Labor & Labor Movements, Postcolonial, Political, Race & Ethnicity, Comparative & Historical, Quantitative Methods
  • Meredith Greif

    Assistant Research Professor

    PhD, Pennsylvania State University
    • Mergenthaler 530
    • Research Interests: Homelessness, Housing Policy, Urban Inequality, Racial Stratification, Mental Health
  • Lingxin Hao

    Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor in Public Policy & DGS

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Mergenthaler 509
    • 410-516-4022
    • Research Interests: Social Inequality, Migration, Family Demography, Sociology of Education, Quantitative and Computational Methods
  • Ho-fung Hung

    Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Professor in Political Economy

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • Mergenthaler 523
    • 410-516-7051
    • Research Interests: Global political economy, contentious politics, nationalism, and social theory
  • Huei-Ying Kuo

    Associate Research Professor

    PhD, SUNY-Binghamton
    • Mergenthaler 262
    • 410-516-6493
    • Research Interests: Historical sociology, overseas Chinese, nationalism, colonialism, business networks, China-Southeast Asian connections
  • Michael Levien

    Associate Professor & DUS

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • Mergenthaler 433
    • 410-516-7637
    • Research Interests: Development sociology, agrarian political economy, political sociology, social theory, ethnography, India
  • Stephen L. Morgan

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Andrew Perrin

    Professor & Chair

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • Mergenthaler 556 & Wyman Park 302
    • 410-516-2370 & 410-516-2006
    • Research Interests: Cultural & Political Sociology
  • Beverly J. Silver


    PhD, SUNY, Binghamton
    • Mergenthaler 513
    • 410-516-7635
    • Research Interests: Historical capitalism, comparative and world-historical research methods, global inequality and development, labor and social movements
  • Christy Thornton

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, New York University
    • Mergenthaler 521
    • Research Interests: Comparative-historical sociology, global inequality and development, labor and social movements, political economy of Mexico and Latin America
  • Vesla Weaver

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology

    PhD, Harvard
    • Mergenthaler 272
    • 410-516-2843
    • Research Interests: Racial inequality and politics, policing and incarceration, democratic citizenship, political sociology, social policy
  • Alexandre White

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Boston University
    • Mergenthaler 541B
    • 410-516-0650
    • Research Interests: Comparative Historical Sociology; Medical Sociology; Post-Colonial Theory; Global and Transnational Sociology; Sociology of Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of Global Health
  • staff

  • Jessie Albee

    Academic Program Coordinator

  • Ricardo Sanchez

    LAN Administrator

  • Terri Thomas

    Administrative Manager

  • Associated Faculty

  • Ilil Benjamin


    PhD, Cornell University
  • Joyce Epstein

    Professor, Center for Social Organization of Schools, School of Education

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 2701 N. Charles St., Suite 300
    • 410-516-8807
    • Research Interests: Sociology of education, evaluation research, social psychology
  • Kelly Gebo

    Vice Provost for Education
    Professor, School of Medicine
    Director, Public Health Studies, Bloomberg School of Public Health

    MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University
    • 265 Garland Hall
    • 410-516-5985
    • Research Interests: HIV, infectious diseases, health care utilization and costs, disparities in access to care, HIV and aging
  • Gail Geller

    Gail Geller

    Professor, School of Medicine
    Director of Education, Berman Institute of Bioethics

    ScD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 1809 Ashland Avenue, Room 202
    • 410-614-5556
    • Research Interests: Bioethics and social and behavioral sciences
  • Magda von der Heydt-Coca

    Assistant Research Scholar

    PhD, University of Marburg, Germany
    • Research Interests: Socio-economic history of Latin America, developmental processes
  • Wenxuan Huang

    Assistant Research Scientist

    PhD, Case Western Reserve University
    • 3505 N Charles St, Room 110
    • Research Interests: Life course research, social inequality, population aging
  • Mike Reese

    Associate Teaching Professor

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Stuart Schrader

    Associate Research Professor, Center for Africana Studies, Associate Director, Program in Racism, Immigration, & Citizenship

    PhD, New York University
    • Mergenthaler 231
    • Research Interests: Racial inequality in criminal justice, war and empire, historical-comparative methods, social theory
  • Katherine Clegg Smith

    Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health

    PhD, University of Nottingham
    • Hampton House 726
    • 410-502-0025
    • Research Interests: Cancer prevention and survivorship, tobacco, media, media advocacy, textual analysis, qualitative methods, diet and food, agenda setting
  • Marc Stein

    Associate Professor, School of Education

    PhD, Vanderbilt University
    • 410-516-6832
    • Research Interests: School choice, parent involvement in charter public schools, effect of choice on student sorting by race and academic achievement
  • Roland J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health

    PhD, Purdue University
    • 624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 708
    • 410-502-8977
    • Research Interests: Health Disparities, Race, SES, Poverty Status, Functional Decline, Functional Status, Lower Extremity Functioning, Hypertension, Mobility Limitation, Older Adults, Life Course, Men's Health Disparities Across the Life Course, Men's Health
  • Sydney Van Morgan

    Senior Lecturer; Director of International Studies

    PhD, Cornell University
    • Mergenthaler 264
    • 410-516-5607
    • Research Interests: Political sociology, nationalism, european politics, social movements
  • professors emeriti

  • Karl L. Alexander

    John Dewey Professor Emeritus Sociology Academy Professor

    PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • Research Interests: Sociology of education, social stratification
  • Andrew J. Cherlin

    Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor Emeritus of Public Policy

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Research Interests: Sociology of the family, demography, social policy
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