Ilil Benjamin

Ilil Benjamin

Sr Lecturer

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Research Interests: Israel, Palestine, humanitarianism, refugees

Education: PhD, Cornell University

Ilil Benjamin specializes in international humanitarian organizations and refugee policies in Israel/Palestine and southern Europe. Her primary work explores how NGOs attempt to combine life-saving and human rights advocacy in conflict zones, while a secondary interest concerns political asylum adjudication in Israel and Palestine, exploring how regional NGOs persevere in their legal advocacy on behalf on Sub-Saharan asylum seekers persevere despite extremely high asylum rejection rates, and how they seek out alternative avenues of political action.  She frames her work as part of a larger story about EU-oriented migration, with Israel being often considered a transit country on the way to Europe by tens of thousands of asylum seekers who may find themselves remaining in Israel indefinitely. Ilil welcomes undergraduate students interested in conducting independent research projects and honors theses.