Job Market Candidates

These profiles highlight soon-to-be graduates of the PhD program who are entering the job market. Please contact the students individually for more information.

  • Rishi Awatramani

    Rishi Awatramani

    BA, Vassar College

    Thesis Title: "Race-Class Articulation: Latino Working-Class Politics in a Deindustrialized Chicago Neighborhood"

    Main Adviser: Beverly Silver

    Fields: Political Sociology, Sociology of Race, Labor and Labor Movements, Social Movements, Historical Capitalism, Comparative Historical Sociology, Political Economy

  • Zhicao Fang

    Zhicao Fang

    MA, University of Chicago

    Thesis Title: "Bringing the Military Back In: Military and State-Building in Kuomintang China, 1924-1937"

    Main Adviser: Ho-fung Hung

    Fields: Sociology of Military and the State, Political Sociology, Comparative-Historical Sociology

  • Corey Payne

    Corey Payne

    BA, Johns Hopkins University

    Thesis Title: "Making Endless War: Neoliberal War-Making and the Social Transformation of the US Military-Industrial Complex"

    Main Adviser: Beverly Silver

    Fields: Global and Transnational Sociology, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Sociology of Labor and Labor Movements, World-Systems Analysis