Congratulations Stephen Morgan!

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KSAS Excellence in Teaching Awards

The awards are a testament to the deep and lasting education our instructors offer their students every single day. Whether it’s in a laboratory or a museum, a traditional classroom or a library, our teachers support students in vital ways to help them flourish. It is heartening to read the comments from students about the difference our instructors have made in their lives.

Honorable Mention – Graduate Teaching Award

“Dr. Stephen L. Morgan’s unwavering support and guidance have been indispensable in fostering my academic and personal growth, playing a pivotal role in my achievements to date. Dr. Morgan has been exceptionally approachable. In fact, I am certain he has checked in on me more often than I have on him, frequently knocking on my office door to see how I’m doing. His patience and support were instrumental in my perseverance throughout the program.”