Recent Placements

Matt Messel
Dissertation Title: Profiles in Resilience
Job Placement(s): Social Security Administration

Erik Westlund
Dissertation Title: The Origins and Implications of Postsecondary Academic Mismatch
Job Placement(s): Visiting Professor, University of Iowa

Siri Warkentien
Dissertation Title: Racial School Segregation and the Transition to College
Job Placement(s): Advanced Quantitative Education Researcher at RTI International in their Center for Equity and Evaluation

Sol Espinoza
Dissertation Title: Women’s Labor, Money, and Modern Marriage in America: A Mixed-Methods Socio-Historical Study of Gender, Race, Class, and the Shifting Economics of Marrying
Job Placement(s): Catholic University

Burak Gurel
Dissertation Title: The Role of Labor Mobilization in the Divergence of the Rural Economies of China and India (1950-1990)
Job Placement(s): Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Sika Koudou
Dissertation Title:
Who Can I be the Best Parent to?” An Analysis of US Race Relations through the Lens of International Adoption
Job Placement(s): Social Science Research Analyst, Social Security Administration

Yao Li
Dissertation Title:
Informal Norms and  Protest Space: Why the Chinese Regime Remains Stable despite Rising Protests
Job Placement(s): Lecturer, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas

Mike Reese
Dissertation Title:
Changing Course: The Influence of Social Position and Social Networks on College Faculty’s Adoption of Educational Innovations
Job Placement(s): Assistant Director, CER Johns Hopkins University

B. Cetin Eren
Dissertation Title:
The Trajectory of Democracy: The Social Roots of Regime Change in Turkey

Wei-ting Chen
Dissertation Title: 
Private Dinners, Public Families: Low-Income Mothers’ Accounts of Family Foodwork
Job Placement(s):
Banyan Communications

Barbara Condliffe
Dissertation Title:
Summer Learning in the City: How Schools, Families, and Neighborhoods Influence Urban Elementary School Students’ Opportunities and Achievements
Job Placement(s):

Robert Nathenson
Dissertation Title:
Children of Mexican Immigrants’ Academic Achievement and Socio-Emotional Development in Traditional and Non-Traditional U.S. Destinations: Legislation, Schools, and Neighborhoods
Job Placement(s):
Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania

Christian Villenas
Dissertation Title:
Explaining the Disability Gap in Access to Postsecondary Education: The Role of Social Factors
Job Placement(s):
Advocates for Children of New York

Daniel Pasciuti
Dissertation Title:
Political Economy and Urban Development: Why Hegemonic Regimes are also Urban Systems
Job Placement(s):
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University; Assistant Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins University

Sahan Savas Karatasli
Dissertation Title:
Financialization, Hegemonic Transitions and Nationalism: State-Seeking Nationalist Movements in the Longue Durée
Job Placement(s): Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University; Assistant Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins University

Rachel Core
Dissertation Title
: The Fall and Rise of Tuberculosis: A Study of How Institutional Change Affected Health Outcomes in Shanghai, 1972-2013
Job Placement(s): Post Doc at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; Assistant Professor of Sociology & Anthropology at Stetson University

Laila Bushra
Dissertation Title
: Globalization and the Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan
Job Placement(s): Teaching position at Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan

Benjamin Scully
Dissertation Title
: Development in the Age of Wagelessness: Labor, Livelihoods and Decline of Work in South Africa
Job Placement(s): Assistant Professor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa

Shaohua Zhan
Dissertation Title
: A Second Industrious Revolution: Examining Contemporary Rural Development in China through the Lens of the 18th Century
Job Placement(s): Assistant Research Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Assistant Professor, Nanyan Technological University

Erdem Yoruk
Dissertation Title
: The Politics of the Turkish Welfare System Transformation in the Neoliberal Era: Welfare as Mobilization and Containment
Job Placement(s): Assistant Professor Koc University in Turkey

Elizabeth Dayton
Dissertation Title
: First in My Family: Family Relationships and Educational Mobility
Job Placement(s): Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford School of Education and Center for Education Policy Analysis

Kevan Harris
Dissertation Title
: The Martyrs Welfare State: Politics and Social Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Job Placement(s): Postdoctoral Fellowship, Princeton University; Assistant Professor, UCLA

Felipe Amin Filomeno
Dissertation Title
: The Social Bases of Intellectual Property Regimes: Biotechnology in South American Soy Bean Agriculture
Job Placement(s): Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Yin Yue
Dissertation Title
: Attained Social Position and Personality Among Rural Migrants to Urban China
Job Placement(s): Assistant Professor in the School of Public Economics & Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Astra Bonini
Dissertation Title
: Raw Material Wealth and Economic Mobility: A World-Historical Perspective
Job Placement(s): United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report Office; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Columbia University

Peter Rosenblatt
Dissertation Title
: The Renaissance Comes to the Projects: Public Housing, Urban Redevelopment, and Racial Inequality in Baltimore
Job Placement(s): Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University; Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago

Mindelyn Buford II
Dissertation Title
: Outside of the Gateway, Just off the Beltway: Nigerian and Ghanaian Immigrants in the United States
Job Placement(s): Northeastern University

Kwang-Sig Lee
Dissertation Title
:  Higher Education, 1965-2005: Global Convergence?
Job Placement(s): Korean Branch of Cegedim Strategic Data; Yonsei, Seoul; NHIS, Seoul

Nicole Aschoff
Dissertation Title
: Globalization and Capital Mobility in the Automobile Industry
Job Placement(s): Boston University

Caitlin Cross-Barnet
Dissertation Title
: Redefining Relationships: Non-Marriage-Based Cohabitations among Low-Income, Urban Mothers.
Job Placement(s): Franklin and Marshall College

Lakshmi Jayaram
Dissertation Title
:  Social Reproduction Reconsidered: A Critique of Bourdieu’s Concept of Habitus Based on Mothering Urban Youth
Job Placement(s): Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Jake Lowinger
Dissertation Title
: Economic Reform and the “Double Movement” in Yugoslavia: An Analysis of Labor Unrest and Ethno-Nationalism in the 1980s
Job Placement(s): Yeshiva University

Corey Patterson
Dissertation Title
: The Paradox of Agricultural Market Reform: Foreign Aid and the Rise of Subsistence Production in Moldova, 1991-2008
Job Placement(s): International Evaluator of US and British Foreign Assistance Programs in Asia and Africa

Suzumi Yasutake
Dissertation Title
: Sibling Configuration and the Timing of First Marriage in Japan.
Job Placement(s): Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Lu Zhang
Dissertation Title
: From Detroit to Shanghai? Globalization, Market Reform, and Dynamics of Labor Unrest in the Chinese Automobile Industry, 1980 to the Present.
Job Placement(s):  Temple University

Joseph Gasper
Dissertation Title
: Do Delinquency And Drug Use Lead To Dropping Out Of High School?
Job Placement(s): Westat

Amy Holmes
Dissertation Title
: Contentious Allies: Social Unrest And The American Military Presence In Turkey And Germany 1945-2005
Job Placement(s): American University, Cairo

Cagla Ozgur
Dissertation Title
: Economic Decision-Making In Turkey: Financialization And The Experts
Job Placement(s): Kadir Has University, Istanbul

Travis Gosa
Dissertation Title
: Oppositional Culture, Hip-Hop, and the Schooling of Black Youth
Job Placement(s): Williams College; Cornell University

Bedelia Richards
Dissertation Title
: West Indian Roots & American Branches: Ethnicity, School Context & Academic Engagement Among African-Caribbean Students
Job Placement(s): University of Richmond