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Associate Professor Participates in Discussion on U.S.-Taiwan Relations

usa & taiwain

Ho-fung Hung says, “Denying democratic Taiwan the respect and recognition it deserves, in exchange for Beijing’s falling cooperation on other matters, is increasingly costly to American interests and the reputation of the United States. A recalibration of U.S.-Taiwan relations is overdue.”

Ho-fung Hung featured in Trends

Ho-fung Hung Advocates for Different Approach to Fueling Inflation, ‘Wages Have To Rise’. October 20. 2016

ASA Annual Meeting

The theme for the 2016 Annual Meeting: “Rethinking Social Movements: Can Changing the Conversation Change the World?”.” Looking for JHU at ASA 2016

Ho-fung Hung in China File

How Should the Republican Party Approach China Policy? | ChinaFile. July 20 , 2016.