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ASA Faculty Article Award for Michael Levien

Congratulations to Michael Levien for winning the Sociology of Development Section of ASA Faculty Article Award for 2015. “Social Capital as Obstacle to Development: Brokering Land, Norms, and Trust in Rural India.” World Development 74:77-92.

Joel Andreas 2017 ACLS Fellowship Recipient

The American Council of Learned Societies announced Associate Professor Joel Andreas to their 2017 cohort of fellowship recipients. Andreas’ proposal, Land Dispossession in Rural China and India, was selected to the Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society program. ACLS offers a program of support for collaborative work in China studies, funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo […]

Andrew Cherlin attended NAS Presentation Ceremony

Members elected in 2016 were introduced to their colleagues in the Academy and sign the “Registry of Membership.” NAS Membership is a widely accepted mark of excellence in science and is considered one of the highest honors that a scientist can receive. Members are elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of their […]

Ho-fung Hung Comments on Hong Kong’s Election

The associate professor tells the Washington Post in an interview on March 26, ‘Whoever is chief executive, the policy will continue, because at this point they just execute the policy of the central government — increase government control of political and social life, of the economy, and to promote integration between the mainland and Hong […]

Ho-fung Hung Comments on US Confrontation with China

The associate professor on RT News on Jan 16, ‘Will Trump make good on his threats against China? And is there a real danger of a military showdown in the Asia Pacific?’

Ho-fung Hung Comments on Trump’s Taiwan Phone Call

The associate professor tells The Real News Network in an interview on Dec. 7 that President-elect Trump’s call to the president of Taiwan signals a deeper shift in Washington’s China policy.

Associate Professor Participates in Discussion on U.S.-Taiwan Relations

usa & taiwain

Ho-fung Hung says, “Denying democratic Taiwan the respect and recognition it deserves, in exchange for Beijing’s falling cooperation on other matters, is increasingly costly to American interests and the reputation of the United States. A recalibration of U.S.-Taiwan relations is overdue.”