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Located in Mergenthaler Hall 534, the lab is administrated by Rick Sanchez. He can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 667-208-7169.

  • Rules
    1. NO commercial software is to be installed on lab machines, except by lab personnel.
    2. Please check with the lab personnel before downloading any freeware. Any software of this kind should be removed by each user when they are done and the lab personnel notified.
    3. Tampering with current machine setups will not be tolerated.
    4. NO foreign hardware is to be used with lab machines without the express permission of the systems administrator.
    5. Admission to this lab is granted only to those who are faculty, staff, or graduate students in the Department of Sociology or by express permission of the Department.
    6. Students will not allow any person into the lab unless you know that they have been granted access.
    7. All users are expected to clean up after themselves. If trash removal becomes a problem, food and drink will not be allowed it the lab.
    8. Any action that violates state or federal laws, JHU’s Computing Ethics Policy or the Department’s Computing policy is strictly prohibited. Policies for use of technology resources are posted at:
    9. The lab will be closed every Friday from 8-9pm for routine cleaning and maintenance.

    Failure to comply with the above rules will result in denial of access to the lab. Cases involving violations of University policy or applicable laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Hardware
    Computers: The Department of Sociology maintains a PC based network. Our PC Lan servers are Windows based. The computer lab is equipped with 8 Dell desktops running current versions of Windows OS. All workstations have Re-Writable CD/DVD ROM drives and accessible USB ports for key chain (memory stick) use. A scanner is attached to one of the desktops. Printers: The lab is equipped with two Laserjet printers. Loaner equipment: A tablet laptop and a portable projector are available from the main office upon request.
  • Software

    There is a variety of software available for use in the computer lab. If you would like to make suggestions or requests for additional software please send e-mail to Rick Sanchez. Most of the products listed below have a link to a site where you can either obtain information on using the product or on acquiring it for home use. Software is available on all machines unless otherwise noted.

    General Statistical Packages Networking
    Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint Stata– Stage graphics editor and Stat-Transfer Firefox
    Endnote/Refworks HLM
    Adobe Acrobat – PDF viewer or writer Lisrel Filezilla – FTP utility
    Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection SAS SSH/SFTP
    7Zip – File archiving Utility MPlus
    OpenOffice MaxQDA
  • Documentation and Tutorials

    PASW Statistics (SPSS)

Frequently Asked Questions

University Wide Resources:

  • How do I obtain a JHED account?
    All registered sociology graduate students are assigned an account (user name and password) through the JHU Enterprise Directory (JHED) accessible through the JHU Portal at These same credentials are used for the sociology computer lab access. If you are having problems logging to the lab computers please contact Rick Sanchez.
  • How do I set up my Johns Hopkins e-mail account?
    1. Log on to If you are using an on campus PC, you can find your logon ID by typing your last and first name in the provided search space at the top of the page. If you are off campus, email Rick Sanchez to have your logon ID sent to you.
    2. Enter it in the “First time log in” tab section. Follow the prompts to authenticate and set up a password.
    3. Once you are in, click on the Messaging icon on the left toolbar. You should see a link to your e-mail account. All graduate students are provided with Office 365 accounts. For details see Student Email. Faculty and staff are assigned Microsoft Exchange accounts. For additional details and to request an e-mail account please contact Rick Sanchez.
    4. Click on the JHED icon and go to the e-mail alias link. You will see your default email address and the preset alias ( or If you would like to change the alias to something else you can do it here.
    5. This will complete the setup process. You can access your mail through a web client or use a local e-mail client. You will need your JHED LID (logonID) and password to be able to log on.
    6. If you would like to use an e-mail client, detailed instructions as well as a Q&A is available at:
  • How do I connect to the campus wireless network?
    Note: Follow the instructions for connecting to the “Hopkins” or “JHGuestNet” wireless network. If you have problems setting up the connection make sure you are using the latest available drivers for your wireless network card.
  • How do I use the JHPulse Web based VPN Client?
    JHPulse is the application name assigned to Hopkins SSL VPN. JHPulse is a virtual private network system that provides access to Hopkins Computing Network resources for remote users. To start using it sign in to the JHU Portal at Look for the JHPulse icon under the “technology” icon in the left bar. Follow the instructions to connect using the web based VPN client.Detailed instructions for installing JHPulse are available at the following location:

Sociology Lab Computing Resources:

  • What are the lab guidelines?

    This section is important. Please read and follow these guidelines when using the lab. Repeated failure to do so could result in loss of lab privileges. Hopkins wide policies for use of technology resources are posted at:

    General Computer Use

    When you are finished using a machine, please remember to log yourself off. No software is to be added or removed from the lab machines. If you would like to see some particular piece or type of software added to the lab machines, please talk to Rick. The computer lab machines are not to be used for long-term file storage. Do not expect those files to remain long after you leave the machine and please try to remove your own files yourself. If you feel you do need long-term storage for a special project, please contact Rick Sanchez. The printers in the computer lab should only be used when the copier/printer in the main office is unavailable. Department printers are intended for those printing class papers, research papers or other items relating directly to school related work. Please do not waste paper and toner.

    Computer Room Behavior

    Since the computer lab is intended for students actively doing work, please try to behave accordingly. This includes keeping conversations held in the lab to computer related issues and at a low volume. Please try to hold other conversations elsewhere. The phones in the computer lab are not intended for personal use and especially not intended for long conversations. They are not to be used simply because the phone in the coffee room is in use or to avoid walking to the coffee room. They are mainly for obtaining software support while at a machine. Again since the computers in the lab are intended for those actively engaged in work, if you are just “browsing the web” or checking your email, please do so when the lab is not crowded. Also, if the lab is full and someone comes in who needs to do work, you are expected to volunteer to give up the machine you are using.

    Computer Room Upkeep

    The manuals for the software in the computer room should stay there always. It is allowable to take manuals to the office for copying, but they are not to leave the department. Once you have used a manual, please return it to the bookshelf. Try not to leave piles of books on the computer tables. Please try to keep the computer room as clean as possible. This includes not leaving stray paper laying around on the tables or in the printer output tray.

  • How do I log on and off the network?
    To use the PC’s in the lab you must have a valid JHED account. Log on entering your username and password in the boxes on the logon screen. To bring up the logon screen you may need to press <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> simultaneously. Please note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive also make sure that the Domain is specified as “win” (case does not matter here). When you are finished with a machine please be sure to log off. To do so, click on the “Start” button on the taskbar at the lower left corner of the screen and then select “Shut Down”. From the list of options select “Close all Programs and logon as another user.” You can log of also pressing <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> simultaneously and then choosing the “log off” option.
  • How do I reach my home folder from a remote location or map a network drive?
    1. Sign in to the JHU Portal at Look for the JHPulse icon under the “technology” icon in the left bar. Follow the instructions to connect using the web based VPN client.
    2. Once you are connected, go to Windows Explorer, right-click My Network Places and select Map Network Drive (you can also choose “Tools\Map Network drive” from the Windows Explorer menu).
    3. Choose a drive letter from the drop-down menu or leave the default option.
    4. In the Folder field, enter the following path: \\\home$\YourJHEDUsername or the relevant path for a different network share.
    5. In the same window, click where it says “Connect using a different username”.
    6. In the new window, enter your username as “win\YourJHEDUsername” and your JHED password; click OK
    7. Click Finish; your personal folder on the department server should now be mapped and accessible from Windows Explorer
  • How do I change my password?
    To change your JHED password use one of the following procedures:
    1. After you are logged on in the lab press <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> simultaneously. This will bring up an options box. Click on the button for “Change Password.” You will need to enter in your old password and your new password twice for confirmation. When selecting a password please avoid common words and names. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least two alphabetic characters and at least two numbers. A good way to choose a password is to select a simple phrase that is easy to remember and use the first letter of each word in the sentence. Also use a combination of upper and lower case letters.
    2. Go to, look for the “Change your Password” or “Forgotten password?” link right under the “Login” button.
  • How do I use the printer in the lab?

    There is one printer available for use in the lab, another one in the Greenhouse and one on the second floor. You can also print to the department copy machine during office hours. At times it may be necessary to switch between printers either to choose a different one with different capabilities or because one is in use. To do so you typically only need to select a different printer from the options box on the print menu. You can also change your default printer by clicking on the “Start” button then “Settings” and then “Printers”.

    To set a printer as default, right-click on the printer and select “Set as Default”. If you are using one of the lab computers you will see the available printers in the drop-down menu before printing. Please do not use the Greenhouse printer (Soc-GrHouse) or the second floor one (soc-merg2-lexmark) if you are in the lab. Please follow the instructions posted here to add a printer if you need to print from your personal laptop.