The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has announced the 2018 class of Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellows in Women’s Studies

Congratulations to Sociology PhD candidate, Yige Dong, on becoming one of ten fellows for her dissertation titled, From Textile Mill Town to iPhone City: Gender, Class, and the Politics of Care in an Industrializing China (1949-present).

The ten Fellows represent Boston University, University of California–Berkeley, University of California–Los Angeles, University of California–San Diego, Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, the University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh, Princeton University, and University of Texas at Austin. They are completing Ph.D.s in fields such as history, education, English, ethnic studies, gender studies, and sociology.

The WW Women’s Studies Fellowship supports the final year of dissertation writing for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences whose work addresses women’s and gendered issues in interdisciplinary and original ways. Each Fellow is awarded $5,000 for expenses such as research-related travel, data work/collection, and supplies connected with completing their dissertations. In addition, their dissertation titles are publicized with leading scholarly publishers at the conclusion of the dissertation year.

This year’s Fellows are drawing on personal experiences and archival discoveries, among other sources, in their research. Dissertation topics including online misogyny and anti-hate feminist activism in South Korea; gender, race, and scripture at the women’s mosque of America; and the publications of the Victoria Press, a 19th-century feminist printing house.

Now in its 44th year, the WW Women’s Studies Fellowship is still the only national dissertation award for doctoral work on women’s and gendered issues. The program has supported Ph.D.s in various fields and includes a Pulitzer Prize winner, two MacArthur Fellows, a number of Fulbright Fellows, and many others who have achieved significant distinctions in their fields.

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