Associated Faculty

David Altschuler, Institute for Policy Studies
Associate Professor,
Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Deinstitutionalization and Community-based Services, Delinquency and Criminal Justice, Voluntary Organizations and Philanthropy, Social Policy

Stan BeckerBloomberg School of Public Health
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

Joyce Epstein, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)
Sociology of Education, Evaluation Research, Social Psychology

Kelly Gebo, Undergraduate Public Health Studies
Associate Professor – Director,
M.D, M.Ph.(Johns Hopkins University)
HIV, infectious diseases, health care utilization and costs, disparities in access to care, HIV and aging

Gail Geller, School of Medicine Professor,
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)
Bbioethics and social and behavioral sciences

Magda von der Heydt, Latin American Studies Program
Senior Lecturer,
Ph.D. (University of Marburg, Germany)
Socio-economic history of Latin America, developmental processes
Office Hours: Thursday, 3:00-5:00- Macaulay 102

Sahan Savas Karatasli, Sociology/Arrighi Center for Global Studies
Assistant Research Scientist,
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)
Comparative-Historical Sociology; Social Movements; Ethnicity and Nationalism; Social Stratification and Inequality; Social Change and Development; Globalization and Financialization; Classical and Contemporary Social Theory; Quantitative and Comparative-Historical Research Methods

Thomas LaVeist, School of Public Health
Ph.D. (University of Michigan)
Medical Sociology, Mortality, Health Services, and Aging

Vicente NavarroSchool of Hygiene and Public Health
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), M.D. (University of Barcelona), DMSA (University of Edinburgh)
Health and Social Policy, International Health, Health Care Policy

Daniel Pasciuti, Sociology/Arrighi Center for Global Studies
Assistant Research Scientist,
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)
Historical and Contemporary Urbanization, Political-Economy and Global Development, Comparative Historical Sociology
Office Hours: Thursday, 1:00-3:00 or by appointment – Mergenthaler 258

Eva Rosen, Sociology/PIRL
Post-Doctoral Fellow,
JHU Appointment Period: Aug 1, 2015 – July 31, 2016
Ph.D. (Harvard University)
Urban sociology, social policy, poverty & inequality, race & ethnicity, immigration, culture, crime.

Katherine Smith, School of Public Health
Associate Professor,
Ph.D. (University of Nottingham), M.A. (University of Leeds)
Cancer prevention and survivorship, tobacco, media, media advocacy, textual analysis, qualitative methods, diet & food, agenda setting

Marc Stein, School of Education
Assistant Professor,
Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University)
School choice,parent involvement in charter public schools, effect of choice on student sorting by race and academic achievement

Visiting Scholars

Luo Qiangqiang,
JHU Appointment Period – Sept 23, 2014 – Sept 22, 2015
Ph.D. in Sociology, Minzu (Nationalities) University of China
Research Interests: Grassroots politics of China with specific connection to Islam in China

Guokai Song,
JHU Appointment Period – Sept 1, 2015 – Mar 31, 2016

Yuantai Sun,
JHU Appointment Period – Nov 1, 2015 – Oct 31, 2016
Ph.D.Ph.D. in Sociology, Shanghai University
Research Interests: Social Governance and Public Policy, Educational Stratification